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Spanish Fort

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The Spanish fortress dominates the town of Hvar with mount St. Nicholas. It is considered to be the main attraction in Hvar and even adorns the city coat of arms and flag. In addition to the fortress is depicted on the emblem of the patron Saint - Saint Stephen, seated on a throne of gold, his fingers raised in a blessing gesture. St. Stephen - known Christian Martyr, the Apostle, revered in this area.

Near the fortress the ancient city walls with towers. The fortress itself was built in the early XVI century, it was built by the Venetians on a high hill (about 88 meters) as a defensive structure. In the same period, the city was surrounded by walls.

In 1571 the Turks sacked the city, and the defenses suffered greatly. The fortress was rebuilt, but in 1579 was destroyed in the explosion at the warehouse of gunpowder. The townspeople once again restored fortress, further strengthened the walls, and the hillside was planted with agaves and cacti, which created a serious obstacle and thereby saved the fortress from a surprise attack.

Currently, the fortress is completely renovated, it recreated the many exterior details, starting with roofs of tile, wrought-iron lanterns, mosaics of stone, ending with viewing platforms and walkways.

On the main tower of the fortress is a five-meter stone relief depicting a lion with a book is the symbol of the Apostle Mark and emblem of the Venetian Republic. Leo bit smaller adorns one of the doors in the wall.

In the XIX century during the Napoleonic wars, the fortress was considerably expanded. Today it is a Museum, where various artifacts from the eras of antiquity and the middle ages, and a collection of amphorae.