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Fortress Subiceva

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Fortress Subiceva located in the North of the Old city, a few hundred metres to the South-East of the fortress of St. John. Subiceva built at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level on the mountain, which is called Vidcos. The mountain received its name because of the small Church of St. vid, which was built on the site long before the construction of the fortress.

Subiceva fortress was built in 1646. As St. John's fortress, it played a significant role in protecting the city from the Turks in 1647. I must say that the fortress more than once saved the city from capture and pillage.

For a long time the fortress was named after the German of Baron Degenfeld, consisting in the service of the Venetian Republic, which at that time prevailed in the area. The Baron of Fort Degenfeld in 1646 was major by voenkomatom fortress. In 1647-1659 year restorer Antonio Bernardo initiated a large-scale reconstruction of the fortress Subiceva (and later the fortress of St. John).

The fortress walls are well preserved, and several buildings in the fortress. Currently, the fortress is actively accepts visitors who have the opportunity to walk along the old military structure, look at the sea through the holes for the guns and admire the view from the fortress walls.

With a height of 80-meter-high hill you will see a magnificent forest that separates the fortress from the Old Sibenik, and scenic views of the sea.