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The Island Of San Marino

Photos and description

San Marino - a small island which is 200 metres from the shore in the town of Novi Vinodolski. In the past centuries, the island was used by the tuna fishers as the observation deck, but now it is a deserted rocky piece of land, covered with grass. The only building on the island is the Gothic Church dedicated to Saint Marina. In her honor, the island got its name - the San Marino.

Probably the Church was built on the foundations of an earlier starobolgarskogo sacral constructions, which were different to the large dimensions. There were carried out archaeological research, during which found a stone with the inscription, made Governor of Dalmatia Flavius Julius Rufin Tormentium. It is dated III or IV century. On the stone mentions the name of the Roman Empress Helena, later recognized as a Saint.

In addition to the dilapidated temple, on the island there are old fisherman's hut and a small pier. Before there was the generators that produced electricity. Now they are not.

The island of San Marino has long been forgotten and abandoned by all. Here sometimes came on pleasure boats bathers, who were there picnics and fun parties. The city authorities of Novi Vinodolski, in 2011, decided to improve the island and turn it into a cultural Playground. For a start, there was implemented the project "wind rose". In 2012, the company held the Grand opening of walking paths, paved with stone, which simulate the way of the eight winds blowing on the island.