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Samobor castle

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Samobor castle - the ruins of an old fortress located on the hill of teres in Samobor. Once this fortress was part of the city. In the South-Eastern part of the fortress located high watchtower, the only large object that remained from the old castle. There is also preserved a fragment of a small Gothic chapel of St Anne, built here in the late XVI century.

The fortress was built over several centuries. In the XVI century were built the main building in the fortress. During the XVII and XVIII Samobor castle was enlarged, the last one was built three-storey house on the South side of the fortress. Interestingly, over time the fortress lost its defensive importance and gradually turned into a residential castle with the prevailing architecture and Baroque elements.

The first known owners of the castle were kind of Bubonica, they owned it, when in Samobor rule of the Hungarian-Croatian government. In the beginning of the XV century the castle passed into the possession of the Earl of Celje. In the XVI century the castle belonged to the Frankopan family. The last time the castle was leased in the eighteenth century, and then gradually began to decline. In 1902 the municipality of Samobor bought the castle from the last private owner and since then the castle grounds and its ruins are a favorite place for tourists.

There is even a project of reconstruction of the castle, in which was already carried out restoration work of the building of the chapel. We used stone and cement and slaked lime.

Samobor castle is located in a picturesque place over the stream Vugrinec. The ruins are carefully protected against vandalism and further destruction, because remind citizens about the rich history of Samobor.