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Croatian national theater Ivan Zajc

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The Croatian national theatre. Ivan Zajc - significant urban and regional cultural centre in Rijeka. Ivan Zajc, born in Rijeka, whose name is the theatre, is a renowned Croatian conductor, teacher and composer.

The first theatre in Rijeka was built in 1765 and 1805 by the famous architect Andrey Adamic erected a new building. By 1883, the authorities of Rijeka ordered a famous European architectural Bureau to upgrade the building. Reconstruction was completed by 1885 and the theatre, together with the new building received a new name, he became known as the "City theater".

In 1913, the theater was again renamed in honor of the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi, in the same period, he had his own troupe. And three decades after that from the stage of the theatre sounds only the Italian speech.

In 1945, Rijeka was part of Croatia and in the theater began to be fulfilled by the Croatian military and Patriotic songs, and symphonic band played the national anthem of this country. Since then, in Rijeka began the heyday of the ballet, drama and Opera.

The main part of the theatre in the postwar years was considered to be the Union of the companies "Tsar Nicholas" and "Otokar, Kardavani". The theatre's administration did everything to create a national theatre in Rijeka, such as theatre of Zagreb, and it meant that the Opera and the drama was put on the Croatian and Italian. This idea took shape with the new Director Dzh. Rosice.

In 1953, the theatre has the name of Ivan Hare, and in 1991 the status of the Croatian national theatre, and is on a par with four such theatres in the country.