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The Church and monastery. Francis

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St. Francis Church was built in the second half of the XIV century in the South-East of the historic city of Sibenik. The Church was built in Gothic style, the building is not adorned with any decorative elements or stone reliefs.

In the XV century the Northern part of the Church was added a chapel of the Holy cross and completely rebuilt part of the Church, where the altar (chancel). The organ located in the chapel, was created in 1762 by the master Petar Nacixem.

In the Church with her southern side is located the monastery of St. Francis. It was built in the XIV century. The monastery contains a rich collection of works of art and various cultural and historical sites. This collection has been gathered over several centuries. Today the monastery of St. Francis is considered the main place where the heritage of the city. Particularly valuable is the monastic library. There are more than 140 early printed books (incunabula) and a collection of handwritten documents.

Currently, the monastery is the oldest work of Croatian literature - Prayer of Å¡ibenik, it is written in Latin and dates from the year 1375.