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The house-Museum of bath

Photos and description

House nerds - a kind of a Museum on water, which is dedicated to the Bataan - wooden fishing boats. It should be noted that this is a popular urban fishermen the means of transportation, which has long been helping them to earn their daily bread.

This boat is also the main symbol of Rovinj, because it was used before not once - not one local family went to sea on this boat.

Museum "House of bath" - the first such on the Mediterranean coast, first nobody has paid so much attention to a normal fishing boat. Visitors will find an interactive insight into the history of origin of this boat, and fishing craft and the specifics of lifestyle Rovinj in General. The guide will tell you about what parts of the boat that represented the process of its manufacture.

Shop of gifts and Souvenirs that works at the Museum, you can always buy small and large copies of the legendary boat to your taste. One should not lose sight of the cards, figurines made of ceramics and various graphic works.

The Museum year-round, but if you are going to attend it in January or February, it is best to pre-arrange this, otherwise, the Museum may be closed.