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Zagreb zoo is located in the capital of Croatia and is one of three zoos in the country. The Zagreb zoo is situated in the Park of Maksimir. The zoo covers an area of 5.5 hectares, and if the count of ponds and lakes, 7 hectares. In total, the zoo in the Croatian capital contains 275 animal species represented 2225 individuals.

Zagreb zoo is represented by the following rare and interesting species: snow leopard, red Panda, Okapi, antelope ADDAX, Oryx, chimpanzee, Diana monkey, bison, pygmy hippopotamus, Bactrian camel, etc.

Zagreb zoo was opened 17.06.1925. Its founder was the Millau Filipovic, a former Croatian water engineer and addicted to stamp collecting. Since 1990, the zoo was reconstructed.

The Zagreb zoo is affiliated with the world Association of zoos and aquariums and is a member of the European program sohraneniyu animals that are under threat of destruction.

Zoo in Zagreb is very popular among tourists and ranks first among the city's sights on attendance.