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Castle Lodi

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Lodi castle began to be built in 1548 by the brothers Louis and John of Lodi. The construction of the castle was begun with the permission of the Duke of Trogir Garcinica. But the castle was never finished, because the brothers were killed during construction. The son of John of Lodi did not continue his father's work, left with only his sister Catherine, who had no male heirs. Thus, the Lodi castle was left unfinished.

In appearance, the Lodi castle resembles a medieval stone Fort with massive wooden doors leading to the mainland. Like many castles of Kastela, Lodi construction began on a small island, so the castle is connected to the shore of a small stone bridge.

In the late 17th century the building became the property of the noble family Papalic. Unfinished castle became a shelter for refugees from Uscaca, devastated by Turkish raids. For a long time the technical condition of the castle, nobody watched, so he began to break down and quickly emptied.

In 2009-2012 year were held large-scale reconstruction of Lodi. In 2010 was renovated floors of the building, with metal structures and walls were strengthened. Also, the lock was electrified, at the present time in the premises of the castle hosts various cultural events.