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Kapucinska the Church of our lady of Lourdes

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Kapucinska Church - Catholic Church, built by the monks of the order of Capuchins in Rijeka. It is located on one of the squares of the city near the Central entrance of the sea port of Rijeka. The Church was built in the immediate vicinity of the Capuchin monastery which adjoins the Church in the Western part and enclosed by a stone wall.

Kapucinska the Church was built from 1904 to 1929. Construction began in February 1904. The idea came from one of the monks-Capuchins, Bernardian, Scrivanich. Designed the structure, and then supervised the construction of architect Giovanni Mario kourites. Before that, in place of the Church there is another, older Church, which was built in 1610-1613.

When the lower part of the building was completed, it was consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary. The upper part of the Church was finished being built in 1929, and his final appearance of the facade has gained during times when the project was local architect Cornelio Budinich. Originally, he planned to build a tower that towered over the city on 75 meters.

Himself Budinich described as shestidesyatimetrovoy Basilica Church with an atrium, above which will rise a tower. The width of the Central nave had to be 10 meters and five separate high arches. In the right part of the Church was planned to build the oratory, which will be slightly raised on a triangular base. Unfortunately, the bell tower was never built, but its construction had to dig a hole in the rock.

The façade of the Church designed in the Gothic revival style, decorated with mosaics and reliefs made of various types of stone. Capuchin Church is a unique architectural object in Rijeka and the whole region, because it is built in a rather interesting style.

Outside the Church is decorated with sculptural decor. Worked for the famous Venetian sculptor Urbano Bottasso and the wood-Carver Antonio Marietti from the city of Rijeka. Marietti built several sculptures located above the upper portal. One of the sculptures represents our lady of Lourdes. The ceiling paintings in the upper part of the temple was made famous by the wizard of Romolo Venucci.

In the process of reconstruction 2006, several arched passages were created new stained glass Windows. For their decoration they used images of the Croatian saints and was restored some old stained glass. Engaged in this work of master Robert Malich.