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A small loggia

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The historic centre of Trogir is located on a small islet located between the mainland of Croatia and the larger island of Ciovo. If you go in the City street through the city gates on the seafront, where you can see the island of Ciovo, you can see a few steps from the gates of the cloister - a Small loggia. A similar building, only larger, is near the Trogir Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

A small loggia is a colonnade, under a tiled roof, built in the Renaissance style in the XVI century. Trogir Southern or Port, gates, and the gates of many other medieval towns, was closed for the night. Travelers who do not have time to get to the city before night, had to sleep in the open air right outside the fortress walls. To at least somewhat protect them from rain and wind, was built a Small loggia. A day under her roof could take shelter from the scorching sun, to dine or to wait satellites.

Years passed, and the need to close the gate disappeared. A small loggia is preserved. In the last century it was turned into a fish market where the local hostess came not only to purchase the freshest seafood, but also to see friends, to gossip or even to eat salted sardines served with a slice of bread.

After the fish market was moved to another location, in a Small loggia was the gallery selling Handicrafts and Souvenirs. In our days here in the summer there is a restaurant serving light meals, which are always hurrying tourists absorb for 20-30 minutes, and meals that you want to savor, enjoying their impeccable taste.