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Island Scedro

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Scedro is a small island with an area of just over eight square kilometres that adjoins the southern shore of the island of Hvar. It is protected as a natural Park, known for its untouched beauty. Quiet hidden coves give the opportunity to experience the beauty of solitude, full of the fragrances of nature, warm sun, crystal clear water cause the guests want to stay here forever. The name comes from the word Å¡tedri, which means "generous, merciful", as Scedro always offered shelter to sailors. Since ancient times the Bay of Islands was known as a safe harbour and a great place for moorage. And it is quite possible that here was one of the most epic battles between Pompey and Caesar in 49 BC, as evidenced by underwater exploration in coastal waters.

Scedro almost deserted: the once existed two settlements by 2006 was the only resident. And now the old abandoned village with a picturesque stone houses called Nastane allows you to touch the history of the island. And it is quite interesting. In 1465 here in the Bay Mostir was founded the Dominican monastery, including a shelter for sailors. Frequent pirate raids led to its desolation by the end of the XVIII century. And now only in the summer the island's beaches come alive during the appearance of the yacht, visits of tourists who love to spend time in the coastal restaurants.

Island Scedro is the ideal place for lovers of peace who are looking for rest, and fans of water sports.