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Church Of Our Lady Trsatske

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Church of our lady Trsatske in Rijeka is one of the oldest churches in Croatia. The idea about construction originated in Nicholas IV Frankopan family, was engaged in building his son Prince Martin Frankopan.

According to legend, on 10 may 1291, this place is a house of the Holy Family of Nazareth - he was brought here by angels in a miraculous way. December 10, 1294, the house was moved on, to Italy, and this place was venerated by Christians as Holy. Later this place became a center of pilgrimage, which gathered people from different parts of Croatia and other countries.

First on this place for two centuries there was a chapel, erected when Nicholas I Frankopana. The Church was built gradually, in particular the left nave and the facade was built and decorated much later than the other parts of the temple. Next to the temple in the 15th century emerged a Franciscan monastery..

In 1644 the Church was first renovated and expanded, but its final appearance and the bell tower it was only in 1824. Church of our lady Trsatske combines the features of Renaissance and Baroque. Currently, the Church contains several altars, Dating from the XVII-XVIII centuries: St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Nicholas. Worked on the altars of the famous European masters - Franciscan Serafin Shen, S. Tasca, and others.

In the altar of the Church houses the miraculous icon of the virgin donated by Pope urban V in 1367. According to the legend, this icon was written by the Evangelist Luke. May 10 of each year here takes place the solemn celebration, during which special prayers for the intercession granted to the seamen and strangers.