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Basilica Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Basilica of the blessed virgin Mary - magnificent medieval sights of Vrsar, located in the city of Porto. This Church is a valuable monument of Romanesque architecture in Istria, and the history of it more than exciting.

In the era of the Roman Empire on the site of the Church presumably was the Villa Rustica - luxury country house. A modest Church was built on this site in the early middle ages (around the second half of the VIII century). In the period from VIII to XII century the Church was repeatedly rebuilt, so the current architectural and artistic image remained since the recent changes in the XII century. In subsequent years, the Church was repaired, the last time was in 1969.

Monumental in its architecture resembles a Basilica of the early Christian Church (the area is 24.5 x 12.5 metres). Ljubo Karaman, Croatian historian, learning the art, claims that the exterior of the Basilica is made in the simple spirit of the first Christian buildings.

The facade of the Basilica with round Windows is very simple. The Eastern part of the Church is a bell-shaped monofore, that is, a window with a single lapel, topped by an arch. The Church interior is impressive: a huge arch in the Romanesque style and round columns divide the Church into three parts, and the floor is decorated with inscriptions in Latin.