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Decumanus street

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Decumanus street is the main street of Porec, which originates from the Pentagonal tower. It is a living architectural heritage that is evidence of the greatness of the ancient Romans. Decumanus runs throughout the Peninsula. Before she was a main thoroughfare of the Roman city. Today the streets of frame houses in the Gothic style with elements of Baroque and Renaissance.

Street name explains its geographical orientation. The fact that in the Roman Empire, all the streets oriented from East to West called Decumanus, and those that are oriented from North to South was called the Cardo. And the main Decumanus of the city was referred to as the Decumanus Maximus. Today this street is the most popular among tourists.

Life here really boils just after lunch and continues until late at night. It was after noon street cafes and restaurants crowded with tourists, shops and even discotheques. Souvenir shops, art shops and art galleries - there is something to see.

Walking along this street, you can see, for example, the Gothic house, Pentagonal tower built in 1447, the House of lions and a few of the famous sights of Porec.