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Frankopan Castle

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Frankopan castle was rebuilt by the Nikola Frankopan in 1412, of a more ancient structure. Prior to this there existed the castle, in the XII century built by the Dukes Frangipanni.

From the fortress over time, little has been preserved, and in the early fifteenth century, Nikola Frankopan restored the castle, and at the same time the internal structures and the building of the Church of the Blessed virgin Mary. After the restoration the castle was given to the monks of the Pauline order. The monastery connected the nearby fishing village and became the center of cultural and social life of the district. For a long time there was a children's home. Currently the castle is fully restored and converted into a hotel.

The family Frankopan - old Croatian noble family. During the middle ages they owned a lot of land in the area. In particular, the Northern Islands, Dalmatian coast and the other Princes were actively involved in politics. Representatives of this surname was a multiple bans of Croatia.

The castle is located right on the Bay. Over the primary five-storey building of the castle of white stone with tile roofs, tower. Just a few meters from it are summer cafes and the beach. Here you can relax, rent a boat or yacht and take a fascinating boat trip.