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Monastery and Church of SV. Francis

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Monastery and Church of SV. Francis - Gothic complex, which is located in Pula, on the hillside. The idea of the construction of a monastery appeared in 1210 when Pope innocent III authorized the establishment of a new religious order of Francis of Assisi. Construction was completed at the end of the XIII century. The main architect was the best master of his time James Polenin, the construction of the architectural ensemble were carried out for all religious canons.

The complex includes the Gothic Church of rectangular shape with a square altar, towers, sacristy, etc., the Monastery also has facilities for the life of the monks and the refectory. The Church looks simple enough, but nevertheless strictly and majestic. The walls of it are decorated with stone blocks, the wooden altar is in the center. The iconostasis of the altar dates from the XV century and gilded.

Church. Francis is known throughout the world because it the relics of the blessed Otho, who appeared in the town during the construction of the Church. There is evidence that the oton healed diseases, and thus was recognized as a Saint. The story of the blessed Otho reflected in many of the martyrologies of the Franciscans. Many residents Pools revere the Saint and offer prayers for healing today.