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The sculpture Park of Dusan Dzamonja

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The sculpture Park of Dusan Dzamonja is one of the most famous cultural attractions of Vrsar and the West coast of the Istrian Peninsula in General. On the hills overlooking the sea, lies ten hectares of fields that make up the Park. Also, here is a workshop of a famous sculptor.

In the 1960s, after the Venice Biennale, one of the most famous forums of art and international art exhibitions concurrently, the work of Dusan Dzamonja attracted the attention of the world community. Unusual structures and shapes, exotic shapes, made by Croatian sculptor, made a very mixed impression on the international jury.

It should be noted that the sculptures Dashan exhibited in new York Gallery modern art, gallery "Tate" in London, as well as the museums of Paris, Antwerp and other European cities on a par with Croatia.

Dusan Dzamonja - the origin of the Macedonian, but later lived and worked in Croatia. The author's work is non-figurative and the symbolic that makes them recognizable, despite the fact that usually Gamona does not give names to their works. The style of the sculptor is distinguished by technical and formal experiments not only with form, but with an offset of artistic accent that goes on the dynamics of sculpture, its internal stress.

Innovative approach to materials is another distinctive feature of all the works of dušan, which you can see if you examine the figure up close. In the Park hand-picked collection of the sculptor's works in different periods of the 80s and 90-ies of XX century.