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Town Hall Of Trogir

Photos and description

Town hall of Trogir, located in the Eastern part of the Central square of the Old Trogir. The construction of this three-storey building continued throughout the fifteenth century. The facade is decorated with beautiful open arches and a balustrade. Upstairs is a multi-leaf window.

During its existence the town Hall has gone through many reconstructions. The most significant occurred in the XIX century. On the facade there are three doors, framed by protruding rocks. Researchers believe that doors date back to the Renaissance. Above the main structure of the Hall rises a tall tower with a bell tower.

Also on the facade are a large number of arms carved out of stone that adorn the buildings. For visitors opened a small courtyard with porticoes. The interior of the yard changed several times and in different eras, looked completely different. Now the old times the territory of the courtyard there was almost nothing left, but you can also relax in one of the cozy cafe, situated at the entrance to the town Hall.

Due to the fact that the town Hall is next to the beautiful monument of Trogir - St. Lawrence Cathedral, visited by many tourists.