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The Cathedral of assumption of Blessed virgin Mary in Krk

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Church of the assumption of the Blessed virgin Mary in Krk was built in the early middle ages on the ruins of Roman baths by the master Uriam from Zadar to 1442. In 1509 the Church was destroyed and rebuilt again by the Venetians. Subsequent reconstruction was performed in 1695, 1716 and 1726.

The main altar of the Church are four statues of saints - Simeon, Anna, Margaret and Anthony, created by the famous sculptor Jacopo of Kontera. The ceiling of the Church are decorated with artful stone reliefs in the Baroque style. And the walls are decorated with the famous Italian artist Augusto Pagliarini in 1932, based on the General style of the stucco in the Church.

At the initiative of andera Louis Adamica city architect Joseph Storm in 1824, restored Gothic and Renaissance part of the facade and the sculptures on the pediment of the virgin Mary flanked by two angels was established in 1890.

Near the Church is the bell tower, also built on the ruins of ancient Roman buildings. The main doors of the bell tower date back to 1377. The belfry with Gothic arches bell tower got during the restoration in the late XV century. According to the 1920, the bell tower is tilted by 40 centimetres, so the locals call it their "leaning tower".