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Chapel. Mary Formosa

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The chapel of St. Mary Formosa is located in Pula, it was built next to the ancient Basilica. Once this Basilica was part of a Benedictine Abbey that was here in the VI century.

Basilica of St. Mary Formosa was a length of 32 meters and a width of 19 meters. It is assumed that the Basilica stood here the more ancient temple. From the records and evidence extant, it is clear that the Basilica had a very bright appearance. Over its decoration has worked many artists, including craftsmen from Constantinople.

The Basilica was decorated with marble reliefs, columns were also made of marble, the walls were decorated with frescoes, the floor was paved with mosaics. One of the entries of the XVI century, reported that the Basilica was kept in a stone sarcophagus and the building itself was a mausoleum. A three-aisled Basilica had two chapels cross shape, they were located on the sides. One of them (the South) has survived to the present time. Also here stood the bell tower, it was located just below the neighboring buildings.

By the XIII century the Basilica was abandoned and surrounded by swamp. After a series of hardships and wars Pula with Venice Basilica turned into a rather shabby building. Pietro of Cantera describes the Basilica as ruins preserved near the chapel, a description that dates back to 1847 year.

The chapel is built of stone, floors and walls were decorated with mosaics. Fragments of this mosaic are now stored in the local Archaeological Museum of Istria.