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Veli Losinj is situated at the foot of mount St. John in a narrow Bay on the South-East of the island of lošinj. Almost to the end of the 19th century it was an important port and center of fishing. Now primarily of interest to tourists and lovers of aromatherapy.

The old "core" of the city was built between the 13th and 14th century around the Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas. In the 15th century built a defensive tower to protect the port and the village from the attack of pirates. Today the tower is a Museum. City Church of St. Antun of Opata Pastinaca in the 15th century was built on the site of a small Church.

In the 17th century the old Church was demolished, and in 1774 began the construction of a larger Basilica. It was built on the Foundation of its predecessor, and still stands in all the splendor of the Baroque style. It contains the richest collection of works by Italian masters, among them Bartolomeo Vivarini, Bernardo Stozzi, Francesco del Cossa, Lattanza Querena, Francesco Aye and others.

In the 17th century Were Luoshan continues to be built around the Gulf, acquiring the features of a Baroque town with a Central square on the beach. In the city there were two main streets, one of which led to the fishing village of Rovenska, where was built a stone house.

St. Mary's Church, also known as "the Gospa od Angela", built in 1510. Was later rebuilt in the Baroque style. The Church houses an art collection by Venetian painters: "Saint Francis and Saint Hildebrand" by F. Fontebasso, eight works.. Pellegrini, several paintings Dating back to 16-18 centuries. One of them is the work of the great Titian.

The high houses around the port, luxury villas, and beautiful gardens distinguish this town, About a thousand people live here now, this number does Veli Losinj is the second largest settlement on the island. Originally Veli lošinj was larger than Mali lošinj, but the latter is historically growing faster. The names remained unchanged to this day, but they don't really match.

The narrow streets of Veli Losinj off the luxury villas of wealthy gentlemen, former captains, shipowners. In the garden were collected by dozens of different plants in a city Park in front of the former residence of Archduke Charles Stephen, now a Spa center, more than two hundred Botanical species.