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Grapceva cave

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Grapceva cave located seven kilometers from Jelsa on the southern island of Hvar, not far from the pastoral shepherd's village Homes. These places abandoned for many years, the atmosphere will return anyone back in the 15th century. It offers a stunning view on the sea.

Access to the cave is not the easiest, but all the effort is worth it: Grapceva cave - a unique phenomenon, Dating from the Neolithic era (2.5 million years BC), the oldest discovery in the region. It is situated at 239 metres over the sea level. The cave exploration was engaged in the Croatian historian and archaeologist Grga Novak.

Grapceva the cave has two rooms, from the entrance has the approximate dimensions 13 x 5 metres, the second more spacious than 23 meters 22. It is surrounded by small chambers. A large number of stalactites and stalagmites create a bizarre spectacle, especially by candlelight.

In Grapceva the cave were found the remains of sailing boats, this is the first finding related to Charskoi culture (3900-3300 years BC). Also in the town of Hvar in the archaeological Museum are the most ancient specimens of weapons and various tools, including flint knives, arrows, hammer, pottery, and bones of animals and humans found in Grapceva the cave.

In 1964, the cave was declared a protected national monument. It is open to tourists, excursions organized by the Association "Homes" in Hvar. In the village there is a restaurant "Humus", which also can be asked for the key of a small Museum located in the Church. Usually departure to Grapceva the cave entrance is from the door of the restaurant.