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The Building Of The Croatian Parliament

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The building of the Croatian Parliament, also known as the Croatian Sabor. The Parliament building is on St. Mark.

The current Parliament building was erected in 1908 on the same place were the Old Parliament, which was built in 1731. Today the building combines elements of classic, neo-Renaissance and modernist styles. This is due to numerous reconstructions of the building. Today the Parliament was added by the architects Carlo Susan and Lav Kalda.

The Croatian Parliament - the building is of historical importance because it was made decisions for the Croatian States of the twentieth century. For example, in 1918-m to year from the balcony of the Parliament said that Croatia is derived from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And in 1991-m to year in this building, it was decided that Croatia would secede from Yugoslavia and forms an independent state with its capital in Zagreb. In the same year, the Croatian Parliament was destroyed by a bomb, and later was the reconstruction of the building. After the reconstruction the building looks a little plain compared to other attractions of the historic part of Zagreb.

Today the building of the Croatian Parliament is back and is the center of political life of the country, it is the legislature. In a modern Parliament the number of members variable from 100 to 160 representatives.