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Sea Church

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Marine Church (the second name - the Church of our lady of the Sea) was built in the XIX century on the hill of SV. Polycarp in the Pool. The construction of the Church began in 1891 and was completed by 1898. The Church was built in I have style, but it is dominated by the traits of neo-romanticism.

During the construction the architects Friedrich von Schmidt, Nassau Tomasi, Victor Lantz focused on your experience and preferences. Victor Lanz was from the suburbs of Trento, and in the 1890s worked in the Pool over the project of building the State German gymnasium (currently there is an Archaeological Museum) and built the Church of St. Agnes in Medulin.

Sea the Church was built of alternating rows of white stone quarried in Brijuni, and pink marble that was mined in the quarries of Oprtalj. External finish of the Church makes many happy, but it is not inferior and the interior of the Church.

Near the Church is the 28-metre high tower built by the architect Tamasiga. The top of the tower is flat and on it a bronze statue of an angel with outstretched wings - the wizard Rafaeli of Trento. The bell tower has 5 bells.

At the ceremony of consecration was invited by the Emperor Franz Joseph, who financed the construction of the Church. It is known that the construction of the Church cost the Emperor very expensive.