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The Istrian Museum of contemporary art

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Museum of contemporary art of Istria is Pula. The Museum expositions dedicated to contemporary art in all its forms.The Museum has several departments, where staff systematically collect, store, process, explore a new incoming materials.

The Museum staff is focused on working with new authors and progressive forms of art. Here systematic search and view the public only the most interesting of the contemporary art world. The Museum organises exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, as well as the organization of educational programs, lectures, courses and other events.

The Museum collaborates with various institutions educational and cultural orientation of Istria and other countries. The Museum staff engaged in the preparation of publications, catalogues, magazines, printed publications and films on the theme of contemporary art. The Museum is positioning itself as the primary place in Istria, where the new culture and art find its audience.

The Museum collects works of art that were created in the second half of the twentieth century to the present. The Museum was founded in 2008, today the Museum collection consists of 597 pieces. There are four collections: modern art, international art, design and photo collection, film and video.