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Church. Barbara

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St. Barbara Church was built in Trogir in the IX-XI centuries, is one of the few pre-Romanesque churches, which have retained their original form. The Church has an unusual architectural solution - one of the columns outside the territory of the Church porch into the street Hrabarsko.

Church. Barbara is a miniature Basilica, above the entrance to which has preserved its medieval decoration and an inscription in Latin, which reads: “In the name of God for the salvation of souls built this temple.” In the interior of the Church is preserved the inscription in the stone altar, by which we know that the master engaged in renovation of the Church, was called Peter.

Once the Church was decorated with frescoes, from which the present remains are only fragments. According to some peculiarities of internal furniture and ornaments remaining on the front door and images of animals, we can conclude that the Church was seriously rebuilt in the XI century.

Columns, carvings, fragments of crucifixes preserved in the altar, indicate that the Church was originally erected in honor of St. Martin, whose cult spread in Dalmatia in the VI century, in the era of Emperor Justinian. Then the Church was rebuilt in compliance of shapes and sizes of the original and then pereosvyaschena.