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The Fortress Of SV. John

Photos and description

St. John's fortress is located in the Northern part of the Central area of Sibenik. It was built on a 115-meter hill near the fortress of SV. Michael. São joão fortress was built in 1646. The drafting process of the fortress and its construction managed by the Venetian military architect Antonio Leni.

The main task of the architect was to build a structure capable of preventing an enemy attack on Å¡ibenik from the sea. The main enemies of Dalmatia at that time were Turks. Sibenik than once been subjected to such assaults, and the castle was to provide protection for the city.

A year later after the construction was completed, the fortress was the first baptism. The city was attacked by troops of the Turkish Pasha Tekeli who wanted to capture such an important from a strategic point of view military facility. At the same time Pasha Tekeli was going to establish its authority in Sibenik. The attack of the Turkish Pasha was stopped in the city to penetrate failed.

The fortress is located in a wonderfully scenic location. The hill offers great views of the freshwater lake, which forms the Krka river just before flowing into the sea. The fortress can be reached by car or go on a bike from the complex "Solaris".