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The Island Koversada

Photos and description

Koversada is a small island in the Adriatic sea, made famous by the eponymous resort. Of Vrsar island deleted by 1.5 kilometres and is the nearest large settlement.

The whole history of the island is somehow connected with the above-mentioned resort, because it is the oldest place of leisure for Europeans and not only. For all who are attracted to nudism, Koversada is a kind of the most popular holiday destination on the coast of the Adriatic.

Park Koversada appeared in 1961, because in this period settled here a small group of people, for whom the holiday is inextricably linked with closeness to nature. Gradually the area began to grow and occupied the nearby island to the mainland, thus achieving the limski canal, especially its southern coast.

Today the natural Park Koversada - beautiful resort, total area of which is of the order of hundreds of hectares, while the coastline is five kilometers. There is also a sandy beach, which is geographically located in the neighbouring Istrian Peninsula, is the mouth of the limfjord. Along the road bands grow willow, olive and pine trees.

For holidaymakers, many restaurants (some you can go Nude), playgrounds for practicing various sports. At a time the resort may not take more than 6 thousand tourists.

Island beaches were awarded the Blue flag, the sign of purity of water space and coastal areas.