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Supetarska Draga

Photos and description

Supetarska dredge is one of the oldest villages in the West of the island of RAB. It is located on both sides of the Bay in a fertile valley, on the North shore is part of the settlement, which is known as the Top drag on the South shore - lower.

The village name can be translated as the valley (Draga), St. Peter (Supetar). Here is one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries with the Church of St. Peter, built in the 11th century. The Church remains almost unchanged for centuries, as nine hundred years ago. This building is in the Romanesque style typical of religious architecture of the Adriatic.

On the neighbouring promontory Coring were found the remains of ancient amphorae and other artifacts may have remained there after the shipwreck. This fact became the basis for assumptions about the intense shipping traffic and the importance of this area to sea routes in ancient times.

Supetarska dredge was built by the hands of fishermen. Today fishing is among the locals the lead, however, significant competition for him is tourism. The village is famous for its sandy beaches - clean, protected from the wind, located on small Islands. They attract yachting enthusiasts and families with children.

Sailing and diving are the main outdoor activities here. For these lessons in Supetarska Drage organized rental. Marina in Supetarska the dredge open all year round, it is well equipped, has more than three hundred anchorages and more than fifty outboard.

For boaters organised all the necessary infrastructure: currency exchange, grocery store, Laundry, a maintenance and repair shop. In addition, the local restaurants are famous for their traditional dishes.