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Gate Of Ploče

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Gate ploče - East passage to the Old city of Dubrovnik - is located in the area of ploče, after whom they got their name. Reach out to them from the side of the street Fran was Supila. Earlier ploče gate was called the Gate of St. Luke. This name appeared because of the proximity to the medieval passage to the city of the tower of St. Luke.

Gate of ploče was built in the North-Eastern corner of the city walls of Dubrovnik on the same principle as the Western Gate of pile. They consist of internal and external portal, the stone bridge over the moat and wooden bridge, which earlier was raised on the night and is now stationary. External portal the ploče Gate was built in 1450 Simon della cava. The bridge with one arch got here a year earlier. The sample for it was the old bridge before the Gates of Pyla. The inner gateway was built in the Romanesque style, like the face of Saint Blaise, which is placed over it. The width of the inner passage of the gate of ploče was less than two meters. It was the narrow city gate of Dubrovnik. At the end of the XIX century, during the Austrian occupation, they expanded and blew the broader portal.

To get from the outer to the inner portal, you should go along the walls of the Fort Revelin next to a small square TRG Weapons. A little further on, in the Old town is the Dominican monastery.

Above the gate there is a stone tower Asimon dated XIV century. From the ploče Gate offers a magnificent view of the port, stretching under the Old city. On a stone bridge, bounded by a carved balustrade, is always a lot of tourists.