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Jezera - the dream of fisherman. It can be described this small town, which is located 30 kilometers from the coast on the island of Murter. Interestingly, the island is connected to the mainland by a 30-metre bridge. Local waters abound with a variety of fish species. Therefore, the possibility of hunting these marine giants like shark, swordfish, blue-fin tuna and fishing for Dorado, albacore, cerioli and catfish attract tourists at any time of the year.

The first mention of Jezera dates back to 1298, the year. But the city itself is older, because in 1938 there were found two graves of representatives of the Illyrian tribes. In the Bay of Murter in two kilometers South of the city discovered a pile of stones is a very strange spiral shape. Locals call it "Pudarica". Perhaps it was used as a observation point for passing ships.

In 1722 on the foundations of the old medieval Church was built the parish Church "Gospa od zdravlja" in the style of Mediterranean Baroque. Nearby is the 32-meter tower, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the surrounding area. In port is another Church - St. Ivan of Trogir-17th century.

Jezera is in a Bay surrounded by scenic hills, so the city is virtually protected from wind and is an ideal port for ships. In its vicinity are two national parks Kornati and Krka.

The inhabitants of Jezera are very proud of their folk heritage. The costumes, songs and dances are presented in the country and abroad for cultural and artistic festivals. Numerous festivals, cultural and sports events are held during the summer season. Including "poetry and folk", "Festival of the fisherman".

Brick houses are decorated with shoots of ivy in the shady gardens adorn almond and mulberry trees. On the opposite side of the island you can admire the picturesque ruins and walls amongst the vineyards, Fig and olive trees. The population of the town has long been engaged in viticulture, fishing, sailing and gardening and the cultivation of olive trees. Shelter guests are always ready two small camping and hotel "Stella Maris".