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Nature Park "Lastovo"

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Nature Park "Lastovo" - an area in the South of Croatia at the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic sea. Is one of the Islands of the archipelago of Lastovo, which consists of 46 Islands.

The island of Lastovo is far enough from other Islands and from the mainland. Thirteen kilometers away is the sea, is the nearest island. With him, as well as island Hvar and the mainland, the island of Lastovo link ferries making regular flights. In addition, Lastovo is connected by bridge with the island of Prezba, which is a small village. The remaining Islands of the archipelago of Lastovo is uninhabited.

Since 2006, the Lastovo archipelago is a nature reserve and the island of Lastovo, besides declared as a natural Park. One of the reasons the special atmosphere of peace and tranquility - the distance to the island, a journey to which from the mainland is more than four hours. But their reach only to experienced sailors.

Lastovo is one of the sunniest Islands in the Adriatic sea: there are on average 2700 Sunny hours per year. In January air temperature is 8.3 °C and in August +25. The prevailing winds - the Mistral and the Sirocco. The lack of rain during dry periods whereas the humidity is conducive to lush vegetation.

The topography of the island of Lastovo is quite hilly: the peak of Hum, the highest, it is 417 meters high above sea level. The banks are steep, however, on the South coast is the deep Bay of Luka Skrivena, which is the village. The most experienced sailors, stepping into lastoskie water, don't miss the opportunity to visit at least one of the island's famous lighthouses. Today, these navigation structures are used for tourism purposes.

The karst structure of the island contributed to the formation of caves. The most famous of them is the cave of Racha, which is located in the South-East of Lastovo. It is protected as a natural monument. Another well-known cave - Medecine - was formerly the habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal, and now there is a big colony of bats.

A total of 18 underwater archaeological sites are Lastouski natural Park. Illyrian settlement, 11 old heaps, composed of round stones, which served as burial grounds, are protected as prehistoric archaeological sites. Also under protection are the ancient remains of Roman walls in the region of Barje and Vella loquat, a Roman settlement from the first century ad and the early Christian Basilica in Ubli 5-6 centuries.