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The Cathedral Of St. James

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Cathedral of St. James built from 1431 to 1535. the city became the witness of how they replace each other in different directions in architecture. The Cathedral combines early Gothic style, the Renaissance revival. Three renowned architects - Francesco Di Giacomo, Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola the Florentine, each in its own way complements the view of the Cathedral.

Due to its exclusivity, the Cathedral was included in the List of monuments of world cultural heritage of UNESCO. This temple is even called "poetry in stone".

The construction of the Cathedral became a symbolic culmination of a centuries-old aspirations of the local diocese to secede from Trogir and get your own standalone place. The idea of construction of St. James Cathedral dates back to 1298. The decision to start work was taken only a hundred years later, in 1402. And the construction itself started only in 1431 and with breaks lasted until 1536.

In 1441 the work on the Cathedral was entrusted to the famous master sculptor and architect Juraj Dalmatinac. The Cathedral demanded a special technique of laying stone slabs and Juraj developed it. This allowed him to build the nave and apse entirely of stone, using brick or wooden beams. Dalmatians created more than 70 sculptures to decorate the Cathedral, depicting his contemporaries.

The construction of the dome was already dealing with another renowned master Nikola the Florentine. In addition, he created sculptures in the style of the Tuscan Renaissance, and has also built the roof, the side galleries and the upper part of the facade.

Under the dome of the temple is a drum with 16 Windows. The Central portal of the facade is designed in the form of a trefoil, this form logically continues the organization of the three-aisled interior of the Cathedral. The ceiling of the baptistery of the Cathedral are decorated with reliefs depicting God the Father surrounded by angels and cherubs. In the center of the baptistery is the baptismal font that held the figures of boys.

The 16th century Cathedral is constantly, and in the second half of the 19th century the Cathedral was seriously reconstructed by the architect Paola Bioniya. After the Second world war the building was completely restored, particularly the restored sacristy. Three shells fired from the sea during the 1991 events struck the dome of the Cathedral, but in 1996 it managed to recover. In 1997, a program was launched for small repairs, but it continues with few interruptions until now.