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Franciscan Church and monastery. Cross

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Franciscan Church and monastery here, possibly already existed during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. Legends say that in the nearby village of Antin lived Franciscans, but real evidence of this legend no. After the victory of the Christians over the Turks in August 1683 was liberated Slavonia and part of the Osijek quickly settled the Franciscans. This part of the city now called the Citadel.

For several years the monks lived in very cramped conditions, until in 1687, arrived O. Simon from the city of Batz. Then began funding the construction of a large monastery, which would guarantee the Franciscan peace and security. Directed by father Paul construction began in 1699 and continued until 1705. The monastery has an l-shape with two wings - East and South. A year later it was completed two more floors.

In 1733 the Franciscans on land located to the South of the gorge, began the construction of another monastery, completed in 1761. The new monastery was connected by an arch with the Eastern wing of the old building of the monastery. In the new part of it also built a staircase that led to the choir.

The Franciscan monastery together with all within it values the Church was damaged by rocket fire during the war of 1991-1992; the monastery was severely damaged: a fully collapsed roof and ceilings of some of the arches of the destroyed window openings, fragments of damaged the Church facade and the interior. Full restoration of the monastery can already be achieved in the coming years.