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John the Baptist Church in Kastel Stari

Photos and description

The Church of St. John the Baptist is one of the most distinctive beauty of cultural monuments with the features of the Baroque style. According to the inscription carved on one of the walls of the Church, it was built in 1714 on the donations of parishioners.

Archaeological research conducted here in 1990, confirmed that the Church was built on the foundations of an earlier Church. Such structures were fairly common thing in the 18th century.

The altars of the Church was done in Baroque style: stucco decorations and sculptures out of light-coloured marble and wood, silver chandeliers, everything is preserved and available for viewing today. All the altars are mentioned in the Church inventory carried out in 1759. Four altars were placed along the wall side in the direction of the North and South and another two in front of the main altar. The main altar is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and the Holy sacrament, side the virgin of the Holy rosary and St. Felice.

The Church has also preserved the icon of the virgin and child 17th century, which is referred to Italo-Cretan school. It is believed that the icon was donated by Archbishop Gregory Joseph Socci, once it was framed by a silver-plated wood in Rococo style.

To the altar of the Christian Martyr St. felicity, especially revered in Croatia, for the miracles of healing that he has done in life, still attracts the faithful from all over the world, seeking intercession.

The sacristy is located on the side of the main altar, was erected later, probably in 1800. Currently, it holds the robe of the Archbishop Scacchi. According to legend, the Archbishop was born in 1732 in the family of Dominic Scacci, who was involved in the construction works. So how about the builders of the Church of John the Baptist to no avail, then came a report that the Builder of the Church was the father of Archbishop Scacchi.