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The round tower

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Round tower - is the little that remains of the defensive walls that surrounded the old town of Porec starting from the IV century. It is located in the southeastern part of the Peninsula of Porec. It, like the other two, survived to our time the tower was built by the Venetians in the XV century. From the tower of round shape was convenient to observe the sea and the mainland. In those days, was a great danger of Ottoman invasion. The construction of the towers was the last update of the city walls. The walls have been destroyed long ago. The place where they adjoined the Round tower, stands on its facade.

Round tower was built in 1474 during the reign of Pietro da Mula. A stone plaque with the initials of the mayor Yes, the Mule and the date of completion of the construction of the tower placed on the South side at the top of the building. Although the tower has a correct round shape, her interior is a jumble of platforms, walkways and ladders. According to the ancient, creaking wooden ladder is free to rise to open to all the winds observation deck, arranged on the top floor of the tower.

Currently, the Round tower is placed the cafe of "Torre Rotonda". On the observation deck is only a few tables which are almost always busy with visitors. Downstairs there is another room where the bar is located, and places for those who for some reason doesn't want to sit upstairs. In General, the Round tower is always a lot of visitors. Some come here to see a few blocks of poreč with the altitude, admire the sea, filled with boats, and others just want to eat and relax before continuing the walk.