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Museum-Atelier of Ivan Meštrović

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Not far from the area of Markov-TRG is a Museum-Atelier of the famous Croatian sculptor of the twentieth century, Ivan Meštrović. This workshop is a house that Ivan Meštrović bought and rebuilt in the early 20-ies of the last century, when it was a famous sculptor. Behind him left to study in Vienna and a trip to Paris, Rome, Cannes and London. He returned to Zagreb together with his first wife Rifles the Meštrović. In the restructuring and modernization of the old house on the street Mletacka was attended by a number of architects and builders, invited the new owner. The Workshop building is located in the historical center of Zagreb, in a quiet street, surrounded by narrow houses with crumbling facades. Meštrović Museum stands out among them brightly painted walls and front door and added an additional floor.

Ivan Meštrović lived in Zagreb from 1924 to 1942. In 1939, he also built his own house in split. In this mansion, too, is the Museum of the famous sculptor. House in Zagreb with Croatian works of the master, cute and cozy. The walls are wood-panelled and each room is bright ceramic furnace, which was done by order of the owners. Museum Studio is more like a prestigious gallery, and nest, of which only a few hours ago went on business owners and have not had time to return. In the small atrium is an exhibition, consisting of sculptures depicting women. The rooms on display are the sketches, documents, personal belongings and a small copy of the large-scale works of Meštrović. As we know, Ivan Meštrović worked on many statues and architectural monuments now adorn the streets of the Croatian cities.