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Town Hall Sibenik

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City of Sibenik is located in the Northern part of the Central square of the Old town and directly opposite the Northern facade of the famous Cathedral. Jacob. Today the town hall is one of the outstanding architectural monuments of Sibenik. Many believe that among all the town halls Croatia this is one of the most beautiful.

The town hall was built in the first half of the sixteenth century (between 1533 and 1546) in the Renaissance style. The name of the chief architect, who built two-storey town hall building is unknown. The facade is decorated with typical Renaissance porch with arch. Arch is based on ten pillars, over which the ledge extends. The cornice is decorated with stone lion's heads and stone reliefs depicting flowers.

On the ground floor was once the offices of the city government, and the meetings were held in a spacious hall located on the ground floor. To the left of the building there is a small tower, the ringing of the bells gathered the nobles of the city Council. In the XVIII century the architect Ivan Skok built a beautiful staircase on both sides of the town hall.

During the Second world war, in December 1943 the building was severely damaged during the air raids on the city which at that time was in German occupation. After the war the city hall was restored and acquired its present appearance. Reconstruction was carried out under the guidance of the famous architect Harold Bionica. Only the interior of the building has been altered in accordance with the new tasks that the building was completed.

Today, on the first floor of the town hall is a hall in which are recorded the marriages, and sometimes a citywide event. Part of the building was converted into a restaurant.