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The ruins of the Fort Sipar

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The ruins of the Fort Sipar located on a small Peninsula, located in the vicinity of Umag, between Katoro and Zambratija. Depending on the time of tide becomes a Peninsula, sometimes an island. Here are the ruins of an ancient military installation - castle Sipar.

The castle was built in the 5th century BC, now in its place there was only a scattering of stones. The castle was situated on a promontory (200x50 metres) and was built during the Roman Empire, which can easily be proved by his Foundation. In addition, at this point to household objects, coins and fragments of ancient mosaics discovered in the area.

In 876 the castle was completely looted and destroyed by pirates, commanded the pan to domagoj. The beach near the ruins, now was chosen by nudists.

Archaeological excavations on the Peninsula are still underway, discovered here a variety of objects and artifacts, proving that once existed here the Roman city. A kilometer from the castle ruins were found the remains of the Villa are equipped with heating, exquisite floor mosaics and a large capacity to store drinking water.