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The Cathedral Of St. Lawrence

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St. Lawrence Cathedral is one of the brightest attractions of Trogir. The bell tower of the Cathedral can be seen from all parts of the city, because the building is the largest and highest in Trogir.

The Cathedral was built over several centuries (from XIII to XVI centuries), it is not surprising that the building has incorporated features of different architectural styles. The basis is a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. As we learned from here carried out the archaeological research, the Cathedral was built on the basis of an earlier Basilica was built (destroyed in the XII century).

The Cathedral was built as a Basilica with three apses semicircular shape, then the wooden roof was replaced by stone. This building combines Romanesque monumentality with elegance and rigor of the Venetian Gothic. The vault of the Central nave of the Cathedral has a ceiling Dating from the XV century, at the same time was completed the large lobby of the temple.

West portal has a rich sculptural decoration, created by the sculptor Radovan in 1240. Columns are decorated with stylized images of months of the year with realistic paintings of everyday life, as well as images of various saints.

The interior of the Cathedral attracts the attention of many tourists thanks to its unique Romanesque pulpit of the XIII century, carved wooden pews (1449), romance kivoriy in the altar (first half of XIV century), the altar paintings of Palma the Younger and Padovanino, and the Crucifixion (1440, the work of the master under the sign of Yuri Trogiranin).

The first level of the tower was created in the Gothic style, but in 1420 it was destroyed by the Venetians, later it was reconstructed by the famous architect by Matej Gojkovic. The second level was built in the late Gothic style, and probably the authors of the Venetian master, since its Windows resemble the Windows of the Palace CA d'oro.

Bell tower of the Cathedral is striking in its height (about 47 meters), and a mixture of styles, it combines the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. Interestingly, the original design of the Cathedral had two towers that mirror each other, but in the end only one was constructed. From the bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence is a magnificent view of the city.