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Church. Blaise

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Church. Blaise is dedicated to the patron Saint of the city of Dubrovnik Saint Blaise. This Church love to visit, both tourists and locals.

The current building of the Church. Blaise was built in the early 18th century by the architect from Venice Marina, Gropelli on the spot where an older Romanesque Church, was badly damaged during the earthquake in 1667, and subsequently burned during the fire in 1706.

The construction of the Church SV. Blaise ended in 1714. The Church is made in Baroque style. Central volume topped with a huge dome. On the Central facade is a sculpture of SV. Blaise and other saints. A feature of the temple are Windows-stained glass Windows, giving the internal space of the Church an unusual lighting. Among tourists it is very popular to the Central staircase as a place where you can sit and rest.

The Church interior is richly and exquisitely decorated, where you can see skillful sculpture of St. Blaise, in whose hands is a model of Dubrovnik in the middle ages. This statue survived during a fire that destroyed the Romanesque Church. Now this gold-plated, made of silver sculpture is part of the Central altar. Near the altar is the body, surrounded by paintings framed in gilt depicting saints.

The Church is located at the end of Stradun street in the old Dubrovnik, close to her traditions begin and/or end of the city holidays and festivals.