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Church Of St. Anthony

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Saint Anthony Church is the temple, the construction of which dates from the second half of the XVII century. The Church is located in Vrsar, close to another attraction of the city - the Small gates.

The building is carried out in a mixture of architectural styles, Renaissance and Baroque. Inexpressive facade with rectangular door also includes a pair of square Windows that are on opposite sides of the entrance. Over the facade rises the bell tower, which is one year after the opening of the Church, that is, in 1657, was topped with a small bell, decorated with images of St. Anthony and other saints.

Before entering the temple is a terrace, protected from the weather by a wooden roof supported by ten columns of stone. All the columns are connected by arches.Arches are considered to be typical elements of the architecture of Istria in the XIV-XIX centuries. Believers who have not managed to get into a crowded Church during a service could easily be accommodated under the arches, sheltered from the scorching sun or rain. In addition, the terrace is repeatedly used as a bed those who do not have time to be in the city until the moment that closed the main gate. The terrace was used for the trials.

Today the interior of the Church fully restored. In the summer there are art exhibitions.