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Church. Fosca is one of the many temples in Vrsar, is a religious and architectural landmark of the city.

The construction of the Church had for the first half of the XVII century. The architectural style of the building is Renaissance, however, the architect was able to include in the overall appearance of the even elements of Baroque. The façade belongs to the Renaissance, but door that lead into the temple itself, looks very simple and unpretentious.

Initially, in the upper part of the building housed two bells. One of them was made in the XVI century (by were made by a Venetian foundry), but was removed during the First world war. Later, this old bell was replaced by a new, made in the XX century at the foundry Lapagna in Trieste, Italy. The second bell was made in 1680, it is decorated with images of the faces of the virgin Mary and St. Fosca, and the crucifixion. While there was the Second world war, Italians believed to be the most reasonable solution to remove both bells, however, not to use them for military purposes. Later the bells were returned to the Church, but hanged them up only to have the bell tower of the parish Church of SV. Martin.

Not so long ago in Church. Fosca passed the reconstruction work.

The interior of the Church complements the painting "Martyrdom of St. Fosca", which dated back to the XVII century. No less interesting gravestones, decorated with texts in Latin and the coats of arms of noble families.