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Veliki Tabor Castle

Photos and description

Veliki Tabor castle is one of the best preserved fortified castles of the late middle ages and the Renaissance in continental part of Croatia. The castle was built by the noble family Ratkay in the XVI century. In the possession of this family the castle remained until 1793.

The oldest part of the complex served a protective function, later around it was completed four semicircular towers, and in the seventeenth century was annexed additional buildings in the Northern part of the building.

The story of the external appearance of the castle Veliki Tabor became known not only thanks to the efforts of archaeologists and researchers, but also thanks to the artist Otono Ivekovic, which captured the castle and its surroundings.

Recently, the Veliki Tabor castle has completed extensive restoration work, then in its premises a Museum was opened. Here a permanent exhibition and everyone can learn a lot about the architecture and history of the castle and its inhabitants, listen to the fascinating stories and legends associated with the history of the castle and also visit here are held exhibitions and workshops.

One of the most visited exhibitions of the castle is dedicated to its history. It exhibits archaeological, historical and art-historical exhibits related to Veliki Tabor. In particular, it presents the latest data on the study of the frescoes found on the wall of the local chapel, as well as materials that reveal the specifics of the stonework of late Gothic.

Archaeological research on the castle grounds continues today.