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The castle of the Cipiko Paul in kaštel Novi

Photos and description

The castle of the Cipiko Paul is located in the small town of kaštel Novi, which is part of the resort kaštel. The castle was built in 1512 with the permission of the Venetian authorities Trogir nobleman Paul Cipiko. Build a castle near the Church of St. Peter in Lobuche.

Paul Cipiko was a nephew of the famous nobleman Coriolanus Cipiko, which already had its own castle and village in the area, so he easily got the aid in construction by the government and the local population.

The construction of the castle came at a time when I first began to use firearms for this purpose in the defensive walls was done by special openings for guns. In the southern part of the castle was created a special balcony that had a view of the gate - it was characteristic of continental castles.

The castle was built as a fortified summer residence with adjoining village for workers on the construction. The building has an impressive four floors and a small hanging bridge that separates the castle from the shore.

Currently, the Cipiko castle in need of restoration. On its territory is planned to open a hotel, because the castle is surrounded by beautiful beaches, which can be attractive for tourists.