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Castle Stafileo

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In 1500 began the construction of fortifications in kaštel Gomilica, one of the city of Kastela. This building is in our days known as the castle of Stafileo or castle Rotondo. Its name it received in honor of the aristocratic families who once owned it. When in 1508 the castle's construction was completed, beside it already long time was the construction of the fortified Fort, which was to protect local farmers, priivacy in the medieval village Beaci.

The first owner of the castle Rotondo, Stefano Stafileo (Štafilić) came from the Greek island of Crete, in Trogir married and became the owner of the magnificent city Palace and extensive estates in the vicinity of Trogir. The coat of arms of Štafilić you can see on the plate above the southern (sea) portal of the castle in Kastela, overlooking the sea. It depicts a bunch of grapes, which emphasizes the Greek origins of Stefano Stafilic.

Son Stefano, Ivan, was the Bishop of Sibenik, an outstanding servant of the Church and diplomat who traveled with the papal delegation in London to arrange a divorce of the English king Henry III and Catherine of Aragon. The Polish king granted him a title of nobility, and presented him with an icon of the Mother of God, which was originally kept in the castle of Stafileo. Now she is revered as miraculous. It can be seen in the parish Church of Kaštela.

Castle Stafileo consists of two parts: the North, more reminiscent of the consolidation, and southern living. The North facade features a square tower over the entrance is the inscription in Latin, dated 1508 year. It follows that this castle was built as a refuge for Stefano Stafilic and its neighbors. The mansion was supposed to protect everyone from the Ottomans - the sworn enemies of good Christians. There is also stated that Štafilić ancestral castle leaves a legacy to his sons. Another inscription, which can be seen on the facade of the castle, more interesting. She tells us that the first owner of the castle beat the sea God Neptune because he had built a village there, where previously was a sea shallows.

Nowadays the castle looks run down and needs urgent repairs.