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Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria

Photos and description

Historical Museum of Istria is one of the brightest attractions of Pula. It is within the walls of the city fortress, this fortress was built by the Venetians on the ruins of the Roman Capitol. The project author was the architect Antoine de Villey.

In the spacious rooms of the Museum housed a magnificent collection of coins, weapons, emblems, vintage maps, medals etc. are Also presented in the Museum exhibition, showing a variety of prehistoric and medieval objects, all of them were discovered near the Pools and on the territory of the city at different times. One of the rooms of the Museum dedicated to the history of local shipbuilding and the development of local shipping. Most of the exhibits of the Museum devoted to the sea theme.

The building of the castle, which houses the Museum, has a star-shaped form, reinforced by four towers, each of which was used to defend the city from the sea. The castle towers over the roofs of the old town of Pula.

The Museum is interesting not only for its interesting collections, but also a picturesque view from the top of the castle on the sea, the city and the surrounding area.