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Abandoned village Lubenice, which is now home to about 20 people, is located 5 km from the village of Boulder. It can be reached via a narrow dirt road. It connects with the town of Cres, only a few bus trips a week, so tourists who decided to visit here during his vacation on the island of Cres, or have to take a taxi or rent a car to get here.

The village Lubenice located on a hill above the sea. From afar she seems like a medieval village. Many of the buildings abandoned by their owners, became dilapidated with time. They are boarded up. The Central square is a viewing platform, which offers a magnificent panorama of the coast. Down on the shores of small bays are two pebble beaches. It can be reached from the village via a narrow and dangerous trail or drive up on hired boat.

Despite the fact that the village was empty, every summer tourists come here to take part in a local festival Lubenice musical evenings. Once a week in July and August here come the teams playing classical music. Concerts suit directly on the square.

The village Lubenice consists of two parallel streets, connected by a small covered arched passages. Medieval houses on them rebuilt in the Baroque manner. On the East side the village is surrounded by ancient city walls, which have preserved the North and South city gates. Among other important local buildings of note is the parish Church with a bell tower and several medieval churches, for example, the chapel of St. Dominic, the restored chapel of St. Anthony, the chapel of St. Stephen's in the local cemetery, the Church of St. James and St. Barbara.