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Pentagonal tower

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Pentagonal tower is one of the oldest architectural objects in the territory of Porec. Once in the historic part, you can not miss the opportunity to admire this historical monument.

Is the Pentagonal tower at the beginning of Decumanus street, which, incidentally, was once the main street in the ancient Roman city and led the townspeople to the forum. The construction of the tower belongs to the early middle ages - presumably, it was erected in the XIII century. The style of construction is Gothic but the facade is decorated with Venetian lions. Probably the construction was directed by Werner de apartments above, the architect, who lived in poreč.

First on the other side of the street was a symmetrical tower. The tower was formerly part of the city gates, however, after the French intervention in the early nineteenth century, the tower and gate were separated.

Today the Pentagonal tower is one of the main tourist sites in the old city. Therefore part of the historical complex is a modern restaurant located in the tower and invites everyone to meet traditional Croatian cuisine.